Marius Butuc

The New Managers Death Spiral

with @rands and #TeamLeadTO

This week, Michael Lopp, a.k.a. @rands or "Slack's VP Engineering", was in Toronto and he was kind enough to meet with us and share some of the more common don'ts and do's that he encountered in his experience thus far.

[…] walk us through a story where a new manager successfully performs every single . . .

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November 30, 2017

Team Lead: Day to Day Practices

Panel discussion with #TeamLeadTO

A panel discussion around the Day to Day TL Practices topic sparked tonight amongst the #TeamLeadTO members:

We each get through our everyday TL lives with our own bag of best practices, life hacks and mindful habits. We’ve collected those from books, blogs, mentors, and our own hard-earned experience.

Now it’s time to . . .

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March 08, 2017

Elixir Bootcamp

Notes on the Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp, part 1

These notes come as breadcrumbs left along my journey through the Complete Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp. This is the first part that covers discovering Elixir. The second part will cover Phoenix. Here we go:

  1. There are no methods in Elixir—just functions:

    There are no objects in Elixir (nor methods). If they are . . .

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November 29, 2016

Global Day of Code Retreat 2016

Toronto Edition

Last Saturday, the Global Day of Code Retreat—Toronto Edition happened; #gdcr16.


  • today is about practicing your craft, design
  • today is not about delivering
  • Conway's Game of Life
    • base rules
      1. Any live cell with fewer than two live neighbours dies, as if caused by . . .

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October 26, 2016

Whiteboarding the LHC

JEG2's take on coding interviews, and how to pass them

At RailsConf earlier this year, James Edward Gray II talked about coding interviews, and how to pass them:

If you apply for a programming job, you may be asked to complete a take home code challenge, "pair program" with another developer, and/or sketch out some code on a whiteboard. A lot has been said of the validity . . .

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October 22, 2016

Testing User Authentication

From the Fixture level

Our hypothetical Rails app: the Foo Club

Let's imagine that Foo Club wants you to build an application to display events. These events are of two types—public and private:

  • Public events are visible to anyone visiting our application.
    Say someone prospecting, to determine if the Club is a right fit.
  • . . .

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January 17, 2016

Reading: Good Omens

The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

All work and no play makes Marius a dull boy

This is one comes somewhat complementary to the other articles that are mostly focused on either technical subjects or around team/company culture or craftsmanship.

So much more complementary as life tends so much more than work, than passions, than what you live, than what lives . . .

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January 16, 2016


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