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Testing User Authentication

From the Fixture level

Our hypothetical Rails app: the Foo Club

Let's imagine that Foo Club wants you to build an application to display events. These events are of two types—public and private:

  • Public events are visible to anyone visiting our application.
    Say someone prospecting, to determine if the Club is a right fit.
  • . . .

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January 17, 2016

Code coverage analysis tools

SimpleCov: how to add it to your tool belt and (the 5) why(s)

Why am I reading this?

Popular software development culture advises us that 100% test coverage of our code is no reason for pride. It's not even a goal to be pursued on high priority. Either taught by our experience already, or we've overheard at least an elder (developer) say say it before: having test that provide complete . . .

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January 04, 2016

Testing asynchronous emails

the Rails 4.2+ way

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Disclaimer: These "lab notes" were originally written for and published on Engine Yard's blog back in April.

While putting them together, Noah Slater's patient feedback changed the tone and the flow of this article significantly for the better.

Having said that, let's dig in!

. . .

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October 04, 2015


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